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Methadone is a synthetic opioid prescribed for moderate to severe pain. It is also commonly used to treat opiate addictions, especially addiction to heroin.

Methadone acts on the same opioid receptors as morphine and heroin to stabilize patients and minimize withdrawal symptoms in the case of an addiction.

Methadone is a federally designated Schedule II drug, meaning it has a legitimate legal use but also a high likelihood of its users developing a dependence. This also means that it is illegal to use methadone to get high, and abuse can lead to severe mental impairment and physical dependence. Other Schedule II drugs include hydrocodone and morphine.

Methadone High

Although methadone is used as a way to curb addiction and reduce cravings, it is an incredibly heavily related drug. It is so regulated, that patients who are prescribed methadone in an outpatient setting have to go to a clinic every day to be administered their dose. It is a powerful opiate with potentially addictive qualities. People who start using methadone to overcome their heroin addiction are at a higher risk of abuse because they already have a history of opioid dependency. In fact, for some addicts, methadone is their substance of choice.

Any time someone uses more methadone than they are prescribed, or use it without a prescription, it is considered abuse.

Methadone does not create the same euphoric effects as heroin or morphine because it is designed to do the opposite; the drug is formulated to block the pleasurable sensations of other opiates. If an individual who is being with Methadone attempts to get high by using heroin, the methadone will, indeed, block the euphoric effects of the heroin (and all other opioids). However, Methadone does have sedative effects, effects which may become euphoric. The euphoric effects are limited; however, they are also great enough that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that Methadone users are “Not fit to drive” due to the side-effects of Methadone.

Some of the side-effects of Methadone include sedation, euphoria, decrease in reaction time and attention span, drowsiness, droopy eyelids, dry mouth, muscle weakness, decreased body temperature and blood pressure, and little to no reaction to light. In high doses of Methadone, an actual “high” can be created. The euphoric effects are also increased based on method of administration, such as IV use.


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