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MS CONTIN is a controlled-release tablet containing morphine sulfate. Morphine is released
from MS CONTIN somewhat more slowly than from immediate-release oral preparations.
Following oral administration of a given dose of morphine, the amount ultimately absorbed is
essentially the same whether the source is MS CONTIN or an immediate-release formulation.
Because of pre-systemic elimination (i.e., metabolism in the gut wall and liver) only about 40%
of the administered dose reaches the central compartment in the UK.

Variation in the physical/mechanical properties of a formulation of an oral morphine drug
product can affect both its absolute bioavailability and its absorption rate constant (ka). The
formulation employed in MS CONTIN has not been shown to affect morphine’s oral
bioavailability, but does decrease its apparent ka. Other basic pharmacokinetic parameters (e.g.,
volume of distribution [Vd], elimination rate constant [ke], clearance [Cl]), are unchanged as
they are fundamental properties of morphine in the organism. However, in chronic use, the
possibility that shifts in metabolite to parent drug ratios may occur cannot be excluded.
When immediate-release oral morphine or MS CONTIN is given on a fixed dosing regimen,
steady-state is achieved in about a day.

For a given dose and dosing interval, the AUC and average blood concentration of morphine at
steady-state (Css) will be independent of the specific type of oral formulation administered so
long as the formulations have the same absolute bioavailability. The absorption rate of a
formulation will, however, affect the maximum (Cmax) and minimum (Cmin) blood levels and the
times of their occurrence.
Following the administration of immediate-release oral morphine products, approximately fifty
percent of the morphine that will reach the central compartment intact reaches it within 30
minutes. Following the administration of an equal amount of MS CONTIN to norm


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